Just over 2 years ago we opened as the St. Louis School of Photography - Then Covid hit!

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We closed for a couple of months during Covid 19 as most business did.  And ever since then many of our old customers have been asking for all of the services Creve Coeur Camera offered.  

People have stayed away since a "school" would not offer these items.  However, we have and even offer  more products and services.  So as a team we discussed our position in the marketplace and have decided to "rebrand" ourselves...here we go again!!! LOL...We are now...

More great services, metal prints, copies from old home movies to DVD/data, VHS to DVD/Data, downloading of images off of your phone, restorations, prints, canvas prints and more.  Plus, we now carry a nice assortment of filters, bags, flashes gear, batteries, memory cards, used equipment and more.  We are kind a mini camera store.  

Plus, we will continue with teaching, photo walks, photo trips and more.  The St. Louis School of Photography won't stop...it's just now a part of our company.

We hope to see you soon!


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9-5 Monday-Friday


10-3 Saturday


  • masks are required for

  • in store service