Drone instruction class - individual(s)

Fly with a certified faa

Part 107 UAs pilot


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Mission - Learn before you invest over $1000!

Learn how to fly your drone safely and learn the rules for proper usage.

Stephen will personally instruct you on the proper ways to fly, where to fly, when and where it's approved.

   Plus, he will discuss how to get your license, and how to get a waiver to fly outside the normal limits.

You can fly your drone and Stephen will be your Pilot In Charge/visual observer or you can fly his drone for a slight additional charge. 


Stephen will be the Pilot in Charge of all flights.  YOUR DRONE must be registered with the FAA - prior to any lesson - IF WE ARE GOING TO USE YOUR DRONE.

You must contact stephen at the store for an appointment/class
rates start at $99/hour



Perfect for kids and adults over 16 years of age.  Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.  All pilots must complete the TRUST test and be able to show proof of passing to an agent of the FAA or law enforcement if prompted. Part 107 pilots only have to take the TRUST test if they are flying outside of a Part 107 rule.  Stephen will be your PIC for your lessons.