Meet Our Instructors

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Stephen Weiss
General Manager

Photography tour leader

Stephen Weiss is a photographer and the previous owner of Creve Coeur Camera, a chain of retail stores in the mid-west.   


Mr. Weiss, a graduate of St. Louis University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, purchased the company in 1998. He comes from an extensive background in retail, photography, and marketing.

Mr. Weiss is the Photographer for the St. Louis County Hazmat team and has extensive experience as one of Gateway Motorsports Park track photographers specializing in NASCAR, Indy Car and NHRA races.


His portfolio includes: Gucci, Cristal Advertising, Charter Communications, the Coca-Cola Company, Edward Jones, and many other companies.  He has extensive experience with fashion, table top products, portraiture and travel photography at it's finest.

Travels include: Cuba, Iceland, Costa Rica, Spain Japan and many other parts of the world.

To see more of Stephen’s work, check out our School of Photography Zenfolio site!   (Click here to read his entire biography)

An email from a recent customer...

Wow, Stephen!


Thank you so much for taking time to meet with me this afternoon. I had a great time talking with you. And you taught me quite a lot.


Your insights and advice on what to prioritize with my camera were so valuable. From now on I'll better use my Nikon D3400's buttons, aperture priority, +/- settings and diopter adjustment. 


Your suggestions on equipment to consider, where (Mike's) and when (in the fall) to buy, etc., eased my concerns about needing to spend a lot. Given my somewhat limited budget, that was welcome news.


Also, your offer to do a quick check of some of my photos and my camera settings for sharpness is something I'll be contacting you to arrange soon.


In addition, having a one-on-one photo outing with you is something I'll also be arranging.


And thank you for the Photographers Knowledge Poster! Its visuals and charts will make the info easier to understand and remember. 


Bottom line, you further enhanced my confidence about taking my photography to the next--and ultimately professional--level.


Thank you again!



mark business card rear.jpg

Mark Swarm


Mark was a 12 year employee with Creve Coeur Camera as their head buyer.  Like many people Marks interest in photography started many years before joining CCC.  Now as the manager of the store he has an incredible wealth of knowledge of most photography products, including camera brands and most accessories.  He can help you with making that decision of which to buy and why.  

Plus, Mark in his own right is a great photographer.  Shooting sports (including football and NASCAR, landscapes and architecture.  Schedule a class with Mark to get the beginnings of your photographic career.

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Sam Waigand

Sam Waigand started out as our "intern".  However, as we quickly realized her many talents and wonderful ability to work with customers we immediately added her as an employee!


Sam is an enthusiastic and passionate photographer. As a recent graduate of the University of Missouri’s school of journalism, she focused her studies in visual storytelling. She is advanced in her technical abilities behind the camera and in the art of “capturing the moment”. She believes photography is a field of life-long-learning, always interested in learning new techniques to enhance her own abilities and share her knowledge with others.

Sam will be heading up our classes for budding photographers.  She is wonderful at teaching the fundamentals of photography and getting you completely familiar with your camera.  If you are interested in taking a class with Sam, look into her classes or book a session with her TODAY!

Sam will also be managing the St. Louis School of Photography's blog and photo challenges. She is eager to keep people engaged with and informed about the best trends, techniques, and tools in the photography world! 

I am Jorge Restrepo, I explore and document the world and my surroundings with my camera.


My kids were the reason I became a photographer.  They are my why!  The journey started in 2005 as a desire to photograph my kids growing up, playing sports, and during school shows.  Now, I use my camera, and teach others, how to document life, tell stories, and freeze moments: portraits, sports action shots, events, landscapes, nature, the dark skies and the stars, wild life, or flowers… there’s always beautiful scenes to photograph.


Photography is art and is science; it’s given me an opportunity to see the world in a whole new perspective, a way to capture the beauty people and places have.  


My "why" is simple, it’s to create memories!  One image is the ticket to remember that special day, that special person, that special place, that event.


“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

— Karl Lagerfeld

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jennifer m 1.jpg
jennifer m 2.jpg
jennifer m 3.jpg

Jenn Mishra is a travel and landscape photographer and freelance writer based in St. Louis. Her photos have been featured in a number of solo exhibitions including at the Foundry Art Center. She has written extensively for photo education publications such as PetaPixel, Photzy, and Expert Photography. 


Casey Miller




(Please call to set up an appointment with Casey)

Casey has been photographing for 22 years.  She started on film when whe was 8 years old and taught herself the trifecta of exposure through trial and error and many notes.  

In her more recent years, she was the store manager for the Columbia, MO Creve Coeur Camera location where she further developed her skills as a professional photographer.  

She had her first art show in 2015 showcasing her work on film and was even able to develop everything in her own darkroom and make her own frames for her photos.  

She is a very patient teacher and has a wealth of knowledge.  

Come learn with her!