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Call stephen for information and appointments!


Let someone you trust into your home to videotape and photograph your valuables before anything unfortunate happens.  We are professional and confident we will make this experience pleasant and helpful. 
We only send employees who we have know for years and we trust.  We just don't hire anyone to visit your house.  These are the same people you know from Creve Coeur Camera including, Stephen, Casey, Mark, Toni and Stephen's stepson Aaron who is a student at Loyola University Chicago (who has been trained by our staff).
To know us is to trust us with your valuables!!!

Prices starting at only $400 for everything**

 This includes:


  • Video Services:

    • Every room in the house including garage (from 2 angles)

    • General Content of home and valuables


  • Photography for:

    • Up to 30 miscellaneous high-value items/personal effects*



Our recommendation is that you lay jewelry and other valuables out on a bed or counter using a white sheet or similar so we can take a group shot (when possible) as one of the shots. 


These will be high-resolution images for your insurance purposes, not for display purposes. 


We will turn over to you, once we have made copies:


  • The original memory card(s),

  • Two DVD’s 


ADDITIONALLY, A USB drive may be purchased for an additional price:

  • to be determined based on number of pictures and video content size. 


Additional time requested for other non-contracted services is billed out at $200 an hour, including wait time.   Please be prepared prior to our arrival.



*if you require additional digital images of high value items, please provide a number below


  1. Each additional image over 50 for items is $10 per image when noted prior to our arrival


  1. Images not noted on this agreement are $15 each.


** Price is based on .01% of what your house value listed for on Zillow or similar

real-estate services (rounded to the next $10,000.00 amount) with a base price of $400

Example: Your house is listed for $470,000 your price will be $470.00


St Louis School of Photography does not keep any form of your video/pictures for any reason past the date of delivery. If additional copies are requested after the date, please provide us with the original memory card.  A copy of our insurance policy may be requested.  We are not responsible for damages occurring during our video/photographic services due to items being fragile.  We will not handle your property.  You may be requested by our photographer to move items so we can better capture them.  The St. Louis School of Photography may modify this agreement if it sees fit upon their arrival prior to shooting and you will be notified.