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Boot Camp -101

This is the beginning of our camera adventure - 5 weeks where we teach you about all of the cameras buttons, dials, levers and menus as well as we start discussion of the camera MODES such as M, P, S (Tv), and A  and ISO (3 hours each class)

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Boot Camp - Advanced

Our next series of 6 classes designed to get you to understand, the photographic triangle of ISO, Shutter and Aperture.  We will discuss how to get razor sharp images during travel, portraits and stop action images.  Plus, lots more on composition and understanding light and flash.  And we add in a little bit of Lightroom and Photoshop too! (2 plus hours each class)

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Boot Camp - 301 

Our last in the series of 3 Boot Camps (4 weeks) is where we spend more time in the studio understanding how to make portraits look professional.  We will have several classes shooting models and a class doing fun shots with water, products and more.  Additionally we will process our images at the end of each class (3 hours each class - cost includes model fees) 

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