Helicopter Tour-Let's Talk about it!

Good afternoon everyone!

I hope you are enjoying our sudden fall weather. It's sunny and cold and time to get out and get the start of the fall colors. Speaking of shots of fall colors, we have a one-of-a-kind photo excursion coming up.

We have arranged a DOORS OFF HELICOPTER TOUR for the morning of November 2nd! We will be going over the Arch, Cardinals Stadium, Forest Park and Jefferson Barracks during each ride.

We all have photos of these from the ground, so why not get some photos from the air!

You may ask...How is this safe? We use a company that takes safety very seriously. You will be strapped in the helicopter and we require that you have a neck strap on your camera. There will also be an experienced photo instructors in every flight to help you get the best shots from the air.

Do you have to be a photographer to join? NO! Maybe you are the photographer and your spouse or friend wants to join and they just are along for the ride. That's totally ok!

We offer two types of tickets to this event. We offer a single ticket for $439.99 where you will be matched with other single ticket holders and an instructor for your flight.

We also offer a group ticket for 3 people to go in the same flight for $1200...that's a $120 discount if you buy the whole ride.

The coolest thing is we are able to offer this at the average price for a standard helicopter ride in the city. That means you are getting our experienced instructors advice in a unique photographic excursion at a fantastic price! This is coming up soon, so book your tickets quickly so we can have a headcount. You can signup at

Come join us and take some fun photos...and ride in a helicopter! If enough people sign up, I will even get to take a ride and I've never been in a helicopter myself so if anything do this for me! :)

Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone!


Operations Manager & Instructor

St. Louis School of Photography

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