Our first news posting! Lots of answers to lots of questions!

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Welcome to the Saint Louis School of Imaging!

We are here to have some fun with photography!

Over the last three weeks since Creve Coeur Camera closed its doors, Stephen and I have been very busy getting our website up and running, getting some new classes put together, and looking a locations for us to have our classroom and studio.

Today I am writing to give you, our followers, some updates and answers to questions that many have expressed on social media, by email and by phone.

Let's start with the services we are able to offer now:

CLASSES: We are currently offering many classes and photo walks and more are getting scheduled each week. You may notice that some of the classes locations say TBD...this is because we are in the process of preparing to move. We will update ticket holders 1 to 2 days in advance by email to let them know where the class will be held. Classes will either be in the Creve Coeur Camera classroom or another temporary space while the new space is finalized. Any cancellations will be sent by email, although we really try to avoid this happening. Any updates to photo walks will be sent by email. Sometimes a road is closed or a meeting location is announced or changed. All of these updates will come to the email address you signed up with when registering for the class.

SCANNING/VIDEO TRANFERS: We are currently accepting drop offs and pick ups of scanning services (photo, 35mm slide, 35mm negatives) and video transfers by appointment only. When we have a more stable business hour system this will change and we will make an announcement. Call me, Casey, at 636-575-5657 to arrange and pick ups and drop offs. That being said our services are being handled by the same amazing lab personnel that have always handled your memories. Everything is handled locally here in STL as always.


FROM CREVE COEUR CAMERA: What is still valid? What is not longer valid? The entity of Creve Coeur Camera has closed and the STLSOI is an entire new entity. However we understand a lot of the customers will continue to work with us so we came up with the best possible way to work with you within our means as a new business. Below I have listed our policies by topic.

GIFT CARDS: We are NOT able to accept Creve Coeur Camera gift cards under any circumstance.

ACADEMY OF LIGHT: All Academy of Light learning memberships are still active and the codes you received will work on the STLSOI website to redeem for classes towards your membership. One-on-one's will need to be redeemed by phone or in person with Casey to deactivate the code.

COUPONS: We are unable to accept any photo printing gift certificates or coupons as we are no longer printing. We also cannot accept any coupons towards our scanning or video transfer services. We will not accept any coupons that were intended for merchandise. We will, however, accept coupons that went towards classes until 12/31/19. This includes free basic class with camera purchase, $20 off camera classes, etc. These can only be redeemed in store with the physical coupon present.

CLASS CERTIFICATES: Unfortunately, due to the very high number of unredeemed class certificate codes, we will not be able to honor all of them. We will exchange a certificate, whether that certificate is for 1,2,3 or 4 classes, for one free class until 12/31/19. These must be redeemed in person. If you have a paper class certificate present it in person and we will honor it for one free class until 12/31/19. If you purchased your class certificate online and received an email with your codes, print out that email and redeem it in person for one free class until 12/31/19.

I know this is a lot of information, but I wanted to answer the most common questions we have been receiving. If you have any questions or concerns call me! I look forward to seeing you in many classes, photo walks, photo trips and in the store when we open.

Thanks so much for everything!

Casey Miller

Manager & Instructor


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