We're back! Well we have been here's an update...

2020 has been a whirlwind...for all of us. In the last year, our first year of business, we have operated out of another business while waiting for our store to be ready, moved into our store and 3 months later we shut down for 8 weeks, and then we had a very busy summer...Everyone cleaned their house during that 8 week shut down! We are so very happy for the business we have had over the last few months and looking forward to a 2nd year in business!

When we started the St. Louis School of Photography - we knew we wanted to greatly expand our trips and classes. While the pandemic has halted our trips (until Next Spring!!), it has allowed us to expand our retail store and studio. We have a model changing room attached to the studio with mirrors and tables so your models can prep and change during a shoot with privacy. We also have been able to expand our retail store to include Magmod flash modifiers and many more awesome new products that will benefit you!

Over the last month, we have gone through our studio and lab and have decided to have a "garage sale". We have many monitors, printers, computers, projectors, studio equipment, old antique cameras, bulbs, and more! that we do not need to keep hanging onto. Please, if you can, drop by and have a look. You never know if you will see something you want to make an offer on!

Again, we greatly thank you for your continued support. It has been a hard time for many small businesses and we are just that, a small business with 5 employees that are insanely passionate about helping photographers improve their craft!

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