August 20-21, 2021
Photo Trip


Southern Illinois

BOOKING CLOSES - Wed. Aug 28th!

  • Hickory Canyon 

    • A great Waterfall and small canyon

  • Night Shooting

    •  depending on the sky/weather

    •  The Milky Way, stars or light painting!

  • Garden of the Gods – Incredible view

  • Cache River State Natural Area

    • Water/Cypress trees and more

Hickory Canyon-2999-2.jpg

Your trip includes:

Photographic instruction, the hotel, dinner, breakfast and lunch.  
PLUS - 7 Hours of photography!!

Traveling to southern Illinois can be great.


We will be visiting:

  1. Hickory Canyon – A great Waterfall and small canyon

  2. Night Shooting – depending on the sky/weather - The Milky Way, stars or light painting!

  3. Garden of the Gods – Incredible view

  4. Cache River State Natural Area – Water/Cypress trees and more


Your trip starts out Friday afternoon as we meet at Hickory Canyon where we will spend about 90 minutes walking around this wonderful canyon area with great rock formations.  Stephen will give a training exercise and suggestions for great images.  Including how to do HDR images and lots more.


Next, we head towards our hotel in Marion Ill. and a wonderful dinner at Bennies Italian foods (yes they have gluten free options).  After dinner we will head to a field/barn to night shooting.


The next morning after the breakfast at the hotel we drive about 1 hour to the Garden of the Gods.  This is a wonderful hike to the bluffs that look like “hoodoos”.  If you have a drone, we suggest bringing it.  We will shoot the rock formations and vistas.  Again, our instructors will be giving you lots of information to get the best shots.


After this we head to lunch at the Vienna Diner for a quick lunch.   A full variety of food is available there too.

After lunch we drive about 90 minutes to the destination – Cache River State Natural Area.  This area has a river running through it and has a walkway above the swamp for photographing the Cypress Trees and lots more.  This is an special view of the trees…great for color and black and white images.

Once done there you can make your way back home!

This is an all-inclusive trip:

  1. Includes all meals. (3 meals)

  2. Hotel.

  3. Over 7 hours of photography.

  4. Lots of photography Instruction.

  5. We will be more than happy to answer any photography questions before the trip.  If you need an one-on-one we will reduce the price to $49 for this trip.  Saving you $40!


On this trip there is several areas of walking that have hills and exposed rocks.  We will have a 1 mile hike in each direction at the Garden of the Gods and similar at the Cache River Natural area.  The walk at Hickory Canyon is not as long but has a few hills. 




We have reserved 8 double rooms and 3 king rooms (first come first serve).




King room cost for one                          $299 *

King room with second Photographer            $499

Double room one person                     $276

Double room 2 photographers                       $466/233 per person

If you have a second person non-photographer the add-on price is only $125 -

Photographer and one non-photo is $399 

****if you book a double room, we will not add anyone in your room unless you ask for a roommate!****

No cancelation after Aug 1, 2021  You will be asked to sign a waiver.  This is a drive yourself - if you would like to drive with others...we will ask for you.











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