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STLSOP has chosen TravelPlex as it travel partner for various reasons including it's award winning travel management company that is an industry leader and known throughout the Midwest for its service and expertise.

Founded in 1989, TravelPlex Travel & Cruise has grown to one of the largest agencies in St. Louis with a large and diverse staff of travel advisors that are ready to assist you with your travel needs.

Servicing both corporate and leisure travelers for 26 years, TravelPlex and our experienced staff is recognized as one of the foremost travel management companies in the Midwest. Having people you can count on day in and day out is just one of the reasons that travel suppliers from all segments of the travel industry have made the staff at TravelPlex the most decorated and recognized agency around.

When you travel with the School of Imaging and TravelPlex you will know that your trip is full-service and backed by TravelPlex and a special dedicated member of their staff.  Giving you the finest locations and best to explore and get the greatest images.

314-569-1900       800-737-1900

our personal agent:


(dIRECT DIAL)314-569-1901

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