August 22, 2021

Get in the Action: Sports Photography

Sports photography is a fun challenge for any photographer. The speed and unpredictability of such events can be intimidating. However, the intensity and emotion of sports photography lends itself to the potential for some truly memorable images.

October 3, 2021

Makes Me Smile Challenge

This is a fun one: Photograph your friends, family, pets, or any cherished aspect of your life. Submit a photo that conveys a sense of happiness and fulfillment, anything that makes you smile. 

September 5, 2021

The Cityscape: Urban Landscape Photography

When you hear the word landscape your mind will most likely conjure up images of lush valleys or looming mountains. The natural world can be a place of staggering beauty.

However, buildings made of concrete and steel can be equally glamorous and interesting. Cityscape photography holds exciting and adventurous possibilities.

October 17, 2021

Fall Colors Challenge

Mid-October is the peak time for fall colors in Missouri. This is when maples, ashes, oaks, and hickories are at the height of their fall display.

In this challenge, harness those beautiful autumn hues for stunning fall photography. 

September 19, 2021

Natures Beasts: Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography documents various animals in their natural habitats. Not only do you need to have a fundamental knowledge of photography, but you also must have a working knowledge of some animals and their behaviors. 

October 31, 2021 

Spooky Season: Halloween Photography

Spooky season is here! Halloween is the perfect time to harness those costumes, props, decorations and spooky vibes to create some incredibly fun or even sensationally scary images. Be your own creative director and use the whole season to your advantage.